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US Highway 395 takes you on a beautiful 1,300 mile journey traveling through parts of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state before ending at the Canadian border near Laurier, when it becomes Highway 395 as it enters British Columbia.

US Highway 395 begins in the Mojave Desert near Hesperia at the I 15. Continuing north across the Mojave Desert crossing Route 58 at Kramer Junction which is east of Boron Continuing north it merges with CA Hwy 14. From here to Bishop US Highway 395 follows the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and through Owens Valley. After Bishop the scenery dramatically changes as US Highway 395 continues to travel north following the Sierra Nevada, passing thru Mammoth Mountain as well as Mono Lake and June Lake.

US Highway 395 enters Nevada at Topaz Lake traveling the main streets of Gardnerville, Minden and Carson City. Just north of Reno at Bordertown. US Highway 395 leaves Nevada and enters the Northern part of California.

Continuing to follow the Sierra Nevada US Highway 395 passes through Susanville and Alturas, Hallelujah Junction, Honey Lake, and the Modoc Plateau.

US Highway 395 enter Oregon at New Pine Creek and travels north to Lakeview. At Lakeview, US Highway 395 merges with Oregon Route 140 for five miles (8 km), before continuing north to Valley Falls. At Valley Falls, US Highway 395 turns northeast through Wagontire to Riley. Near Riley, US Highway 395 merges with US 20 through Hines and Burns. Two miles northeast of Burns, US Highway 395 turns once again north traveling through Seneca and Canyon City to John Day. At John Day,  395 merges with US 26 and goes west to Mount Vernon. At Mount Vernon, Highway 395 travels north through Long Creek and Pilot Rock to Pendleton. At Pendleton, US Highway 395 merges with Interstate 84 and US 30 west to Stanfield. At Stanfield,  395 turns north through Hermiston to Umatilla. East of Umatilla, US Highway 395 merges with US 730 west to Interstate 82. US  395 then merges with I-82 to the Washington state line at the Columbia River.

US Highway 395 and I-82 still merged enter Washington over the Columbia River. At exit 113, US Highway 395 split from I-82, and enters the Tri-Cities area. South of Kennewick US Highway 395 slows down traveling thru one of the towns residential areas. Before heading toward the Columbia River. Passing over the Columbia River US Highway 395 travels east toward I-182/US-12. US Highway 395 briefly merge with I-182. Separating in Pasco. At the Oregon Avenue interchange US Highway 395 once again travels north. Outside of Pasco, US Highway 395 travels through small farming towns until it merges with I-90 in Ritzville. In Spokane (US-2 merges into I-90/US-US Highway 395 as they enter the city) and splits from I-90 at the Division Street exit.
US Highway 395 travels north on Division Street through Spokane. WSDOT is constructing the US Highway 395 North Spokane Corridor, once completed the new freeway will run from I-90 (around the Thor/Freya exit) northward to the existing US Highway 395 north of Wandermere. Construction on the new freeway began between Wandermere and Francis in 2003. Unfortunately it is unknown how long it will take to complete the new freeway due to lack of funding.

US Highway 395 (along with US-2) continue to Spokane’s northern edge where they split (US-2 heading northeast to Idaho). US Highway 395 continues north to the Canadian border.